About Us

Responsive and focused
when you need it most.

We want you to succeed with technology. That’s why we put you first.


WHY US? –  Our clients want to get through their working days without having to worry about issues with their I.T. We provide solutions to these issues by working together and addressing problems by using methods such as Root Cause Analysis. Improving systems and networks to achieve less downtime and more efficiency is far better than waiting for issues to arise. Proactive management is what we do best as a managed service provider. 

GOALS – Our continuing mission is simple, provide the best service to all of our customers with transparency and focus, to give a lasting impression in our field. We achieve this through building a continuing relationship with our clients and understanding their requirements, then providing practical and achievable solutions.

WHO WE ARE –  Dedicated I.T professionals with qualifications and experience who are committed to supporting you. We proactively monitor your systems and offer up to date industry advice. We have a deep passion for technology, knowledge and designing systems that work.

COSTS Competitive pricing enables our customers to find a solution that suits their budget.

TRANSPARENCY – This means no surprise costs, hidden meanings, or lack of details. Everything we provide from service to billing, is upfront and in full view so you can see exactly what you’re getting.

SCALABILITY – We are proud to be able to meet the demands of your business with products and services that grow with your company. We offer;

  • IT Support
  • Managed Cloud & Email Migration
  • Website Development, Support, Security and Domains
  • All Microsoft 365 Packages
  • Network setup and Management
  • Cyber Security and Business Continuity Systems
  • Encrypted Cloud Backup
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Project Management, Installations and Warranties
  • Internet and Leased Lines

DEVELOPMENT – Need website development? Perhaps you have an existing website that needs a new look and better management? Our experienced WordPress and JamStack developers can design and revolutionise your website as you need. Contact us today to discuss your dream website!

We also offer copywriting and Google Ads management as supplementary services that we offer to help your site reach a higher target audience, generate leads or sales, or simply showcase your content to visitors.

COMPLIANCE – LAN-IT are registered with the ICO and are fully compliant with GDPR laws. Including our own compliance, we only work with partners and suppliers that are also industry recognised and compliant with standards/accreditations/protocols such as AES 256 encryption, ISO & PCI DSS, Cyber Essentials certification to protect your data. We are proud to partner with the biggest names in the technology sector, to give our customers a smooth, trusted and reliable service.