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Adaptive Protection against Viruses & Malware…

Lan-IT employs a pro-active approach towards delivering the best protection for your network equipment. We work with major suppliers of Business Grade Endpoint Protection such as: Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Symantec, Trend Micro, Malwarebytes & McAfee, plus others, to give you a complete security solution that is dynamic and evolves every day.

We offer a complete business solution for SME’s, empowering them to feel confident to work without interruption and risk. We know the value of having a security solution that actively protects your business by;

  • Eliminating all Viruses (with updated virus definitions)
  • Adding a enhanced layer of email protection against phishing
  • Automatically detecting and removing malware
  • Stopping Adware and Spyware within web browsers
  • Defending your data from malicious programs
  • Warning you of suspicious web pages, links, downloaded files and/or blocking them
  • Blocking Intrusion attempts via ports on your networks
  • Limiting end user risk with automated exclusions/policies that limit staff behaviour
  • Deploying device and peripheral policies to control data protection
  • Actively protecting against Ransomware, in conjunction with a robust backup solution
  • Giving you the peace of mind you deserve, and controlling access to your cherished organisational data space.

Protection against ransomware is further bolstered by jointly taking our Cloud Backup solutions to store and restore your encrypted data within minutes. Regular update definitions of new threats to the community ensure your solution is well prepared. Our cyber security solutions give you the peace of mind you need and is fully managed by us. We proactively monitor your networks, its traffic, and devices, with round the clock alerts, to ensure all components are active and protecting your data. Support is available at any time, after all, we don’t just procure your cyber defence, we support it too!

Finally, we can protect your Servers and workstations month to month, without the need for you to look for a different software package to suit each year and worry about licensing, deployment, and renewals.

With years of experience in cyber security, we know a thing or two about what it takes to secure a business. Let us take the stress away from cyber risk management using technology and A.I to keep you secure. Call in today on 0330 113 7017. Together, we can help secure your business and its staff.

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